Monday, July 12, 2010

Up to date

I've been a negligent blogger. I'm here now, and I'm ready to get back in the saddle of posting.

 Something you may not know (because I haven't been keeping my blog up to date) is that my boyfriend and I are getting married this August.....Only a month away! It was a very sudden decision, and I wanted to have the ceremony before I was listed. Luckily both of our families have been extremely supportive of our upcoming nuptials. We are so blessed with such wonderful family and friends!

I've also been super busy with all of the transplant stuff. We've been planning our 4 day UW visit for a little over a month now. Guess what? WE ARE IN SEATTLE! Me, my mom, and my auntie all drove up today. We are staying in a very interesting place. I have to say that it's kind of homey. That might just be because I'm used to hospital type stuff. This is like a perfect mix of home, hotel, and hospital. HHH! We managed to pack the car entirely of everything we'd need for our 4 day trip. When we put our bodies into the car it was FULLY loaded! No more room than what was in front of us. It was a very fun ride, but then I've always loved road trips with my family.
Our first appointment is at 8 am. Holy no sleep man. I'm going to be walking dead tomorrow, the only thing that will keep me on my toes is the freezing cold clinic rooms. Ahhhh! And possibly the weird "take a number" blood draw area. No joke....they actually have you take a number, and then they call it when they are ready for you. There's even one of those LED screens that say what number they're on. So strange. It's like one giant body processing center.
I know that at some point, either Monday or Tuesday, I have a PH monitor placement. I'm so nervous I could scream. I've never had anything up my nose and into my throat. It's freaking me out....! I'll get through it, I always do. Sometimes the thought is worse than the actuality of it. Like my nose piercing, I was so scared, but it didn't turn out to be that bad. Crossing my fingers.

In my transplant travels I find myself appreciating the world around me. This experience is different on so many levels. I'm looking at the world with new eyes, and feeling things in a new part of my heart that grew to accommodate them. This world is so full of love, and the more I dive into this life and community of CF/TX I realize just how much love there really is.

I should admit that this whole thing is still a bit surreal, but I can see through to the other side some times. This big world full of love and life is just waiting for me, and so are an unsuspecting pair of lungs.

Love and life,