Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday (Saturday)

This is going to have to be without a crazy long update....

I will tell you that my holidays were great, I got to spend lots of time with my family and it was fantastic.
At the moment I'm having a little bit of a nervy b because of some new "to get listed for tx" developments. I wish I had the capability to talk about it right now, but I just don't. I promise I will later though.

here's my fill in the blank Friday

1. I am: ALMOST 21!!!! In just a couple weeks! :)

2. I bet you didn’t know: Pink is my favorite color, I love shopping, and I have a leopard print snuggie.

3. When I was 5, I: lived in Spokane and moved to Portland, I wanted to be the Pink power ranger, and

4. My life is not complete without: My family and friends......AND cupcakes. YES, I HAVE AN OBSESSION!

5. By this time next year: I'm thinking (aka wishing) that I'll be transplanted and home from my 3 month retreat in Seattle.

6. When I was younger, I: Never thought that my life would be the way it is now. BUT I LOVE IT!

7. If I ever go back to school: I'm going to be learning how to be a hair stylist and makeup artist. :) SO PSYCHED! Just wish this transplant stuff was over so I could start my life.

I'm working up to another blog update, it's just going to be a few days. I'll post some pictures too!

Love, love, love!