Tuesday, September 27, 2011

things suck.

The truth is, the last month has been sooo hard - and I don't have the energy to explain everything. But here is the basic simplicity of it all...

The surgeon placed my port in a wacky place.
My transplant doctor disapproves of it - WITH GOOD REASON!
I've had a lot of complications because of where the new port was placed.
AND, now I'm going to have to have it removed, and replaced.

We are moving soon.
I'm exhausted.
I'm grumpy, and sad, and don't really feel like talking to anyone.
(If you do talk to me, please don't ask me a million questions about the shit that's happening in my life. There isn't enough time in the world for me to explain it. I'd rather just get through it, and talk about it later. I know this is selfish of me to ask, I know that there are lots of people who care about me, who deserve to be in the loop... But, I can't be the person to keep you in the loop. I'm sorry. )
I'm absolutely miserable. This has been a really rough year.
I have my momma, my husband, and my twin to keep me sane and strong.
And I get to snuggle with my puppies all the time!

Life could be worse, but it's definitely NOT great.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Power Port time!

Okay, so I'm thinking that I want a power port.
With all my clotting problems, it would just be easier to get the cat scans and stuff with a power port. You can inject dye into it!! So cool, especially for me. :) I am very excited.

AND, to top it off - my twin is coming home tomorrow. She is honestly my closest friend, and I am so lucky to have her in my life. I LOVE YOU TWIN!

I have some rad socks to wear in surgery! 
Purple with pink Polka dots over grey with Pink stripes.

I'm nervous, but honestly I've been poked with needles way too many times in the last 6 months. I'm so tired of it, and my arms are all f***ed up. 


I'm gonna do this shit Mattera style! 
Balls to the walls, with a smile on my face, and amazing socks on my feet. ;)

I have my care team by my side, and a comfy bed to recover in. I'm SO set! Wishing I had more movies to watch, and books to read though. Blast! 

Have a good day, dear readers! 


P.s. Please don't be offended by my language. I have a bit of a potty mouth. Whoops!