Friday, May 11, 2012

Too little time!

It's almost been a month since I last posted! Okay, well a lot has happened in the last month. Most of it sucks, but hey that's life, right?

Here's what you should know:

I was in the hospital for 3 weeks! I was having low grade fevers for a week before I went in, and continued to have them for another 2 weeks. After a zillion tests we finally added another antibiotic, and my fevers miraculously went away. I got better, gained some of my strength back, started eating and sleeping again. What a relief! And then I came home, which was honestly the best thing that happened to me all month.

While I was in the hospital my favorite nurse, who I've known since I was 5, retired. The hospital I've known for most of my life is changing right before my eyes. But that's true about everything in my life. I guess I change too, I just feel like I'm stuck where I am. I'm f*ing stationary while the world moves on around me. I know that it's not a forever thing, I just have to wait till it's my time, & all the opportunities I missed will come back in some form or another. That's how the world works. I'm extremely optimistic!

So I'm finally home with my puppies, and wow, they really need a firm hand right now. They are out of control, & honestly driving me a little nuts at times. Especially Fancy, who doesn't seem to want to listen to me. :( Frustrating. She's so wonderful though, even if she's a little stinker sometimes. She's SUPER fluffy right now, both my babies need to get groomed. Badly!
Home is a very refreshing place to be, & with all the great sunny weather I can't help but feel alive & happy. Which is EXACTLY how I want to feel. All I want in my life right now is positivity, and love. So I'm spending lots of time with my in-laws, who are all amazing and lovely. I feel lucky every single day to be apart of the May family, but mostly to be Morgan's wife. I love that guy more than anything. I'm spending lots of time with my Morgan, & my mom. My 2 bestest friends in the world, the 2 most tremendous people I know.

There's so much more going on, I'm afraid I have to cut this one short. I'm running low on time, & I have to stop by Michael's for some art supplies. I have a couple paintings to finish by next week, & I'm REALLY wanting to just paint them. I planned out my next series as well, which I'm so excited about I could die!

Hope everyone out there is having a fantastic day!



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