Saturday, April 9, 2011

Been a little too long

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I am a horrible blogger. The 30 day thing was way too much when I came home. I didn't anticipate not being able to blog. I think it's referred to as writers block? Ha! Just kidding I know all about that. I bet you didn't know that I took a creative writing class in high school. ;)
I'm not going to apologize for not keeping up with my blog, the only thing I can really do is write a blog worth the wait. So, following this post will be a new blog. This one is just to update you a little bit.

A couple weeks ago I went to Seattle for my UW appointment. My Dr told me that the Echo I had done looked good, and they felt really good about listing me. They still had to have a committee meeting and make sure everyone was on the same page, and get some labs from me. I had some paperwork to send to them this week, and I have to do another blood test, but I'm almost there. I'm starting to get a little nervous, I can't believe this is actually happening. Even though for the last year I've been planning my life post transplant, I'm having a hard time imagining getting the call and waking up with new lungs.

I'm going into the hospital on Monday for a week - 10 days. We'll see what happens, I'm starting to feel a little shabby. Picc line is still working perfectly (knock on wood) so I'm very thankful for that. I'm used to it now, and actually really like it. Taking a shower is a little bit of a pain, but I find it actually makes my life easier. I take things slower, so I don't get as wiped out by getting ready. Excited to go in and have some nice relaxation time, some blogging time, and some me time. :)

I promise you all that I have a fantastic entry that is just waiting for some attention and editing. I'll probably post it on Monday or Tuesday. Followed by many other entries! Blogging is heaven sent while in the hospital. Honestly, the internet is amazing!

Running errands for the hospital today, so I will catch you up on Monday or Tuesday. Can't wait!!!



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Josh, Erica, Garrett, and Haylee said...

Sorry you have to come to the hospital, but looking forward to seeing you!! I work next weekend so if I'm not taking care of you I'll stop by and say hi!! See you soon!! :)