Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Knock on wood

Hello everyone!

Quick update: Surprisingly enough, there is nothing wrong with my portacath. I thought for sure it was doing something bad, because of the excruciating pain I was getting last time I was in the hospital. I think it might have been a bad access, but there was no swelling. It's sooo hard to say. Anyways, it's working and I'm getting better by the day. I'm 9 days into my stay, and I get to go home at the end of the week. Just in time for Halloween. :)
My sister in law is a photographer, and she is having this Halloween studio shoot. Morgan and I are having some pictures taken, with our puppies. I'm going to get Panda an orange bandana, no costume. He's already festive with his b&w coloring. I on the other hand am being a bunny. I found these cute fluffy ears, and it doesn't require too much work. I'm going to do my makeup and hair, wear a cute outfit, and put on my ears. For the first time in a couple years I will be home, and NOT in the hospital. In stark contrast with last year, I am actually feeling GREAT! And although it's late at night, and I can't sleep because of all the screaming children, I feel so good. Tired, but good and happy.

Life is good right now. I'm going to savor every moment, and I'm going to live it like I have no tomorrow(even though I have lots of tomorrow's). The last couple months have just been horrible, and it's finally over. All of the really tough bits are done and over with - knock on wood - so it's time to move on.

I'm in so much pain tonight! I had my port reaccessed, and it's been sore ever since. As if that's not enough, my pleuritic pain kicked in, and hasn't left for the last 8 hours. I'm exhausted, and have almost been awake for 24 hours. Luckily I've had wonderful nurses all day. You just can't beat that when you feel like shit.

When my doctor comes in today, I'm going to ask him if I can go home on Friday. I REALLY want to get out of here. I have to start packing up our room up too. We are moving this coming month, and WOW we have a lot of crap. I will be doing most of the packing alone because Morgan will be at work. Believe me when I say, that it's for the best. ;) Nothing against my dearest hubby, but packing is not his strongest suit. But I'm willing to admit that that might just be my OCD tendencies talking.

Tonight I'm wishing I could go to bed with my husband, that I could snuggle with my puppies, that I could cook in my kitchen, and paint in my living room. I just want to be surrounded by the house I've lived in for the past 8 years. I've had a lot of great times in our house, lots of bad ones too. It's the longest I've lived anywhere, and I don't regret one second of it. 

Going to bed finally! Nice catching up with you. ;)



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