Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I am officially HOME! I got out of the hospital on Friday, and was home for Halloween. It was the first time in 2 years that I was able to be home for Halloween. :D Not that I did anything particularly exciting, but it was one less holiday spent in the hospital.

Very exciting stuff people!

We are getting ready for moving. After 8 years in this house, I can't believe that we are finally getting out of it. I love a lot of things about this house, but it's been pretty cramped for the last few years and I'm getting so tired of it. Living in a small room with another pack rat, is just horrendous. Anyways, while babe is at work I'll be packing up as much as I can.

Today I have the unfortunate task of doing our laundry. My least favorite job EVER. Actually, no... cleaning out the fridge, and pulling hair out of the drain top that. But I'd literally puke if I did those things, and no one really wants that. Thankfully!!!

The house is freezing and all I want to do is hop into a warm shower.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween!



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