Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello Doernbecher!

I'm in the hospital again. Standard thing: IV antibiotics, Chest Therapy, and some much needed RandR/TLC.
One would think that checking into the hospital would be a bleak experience, but I find that the kind of sick I get requires being admitted. The relief I get when I make my hospital bed and plug into some oxygen is so extreme. It's a safe place, where I know I can get better and the accommodations aren't too bad either.
One of the other bonuses is how long I have known most of the nurses here on 9N (8-15 years). These people are like my second family, it's my home away from home, and the bonds I have with some of the staff are amazing. There's no doubt that this is a loving place with people who love me, who I love back just as much. After only a week I am feeling much better, so much better. I am so thankful to the Cystic Fibrosis team here, and all the nurses who take care of me. Who knows where I'd be without such an awesome team looking out for me.
I have lung function tests on Monday to just see where I'm at. Unfortunately I won't be going home anytime soon because I have a surgery coming up. I'm getting my portacath replaced, and having a stent in my superior vena cava. I really wish that I wasn't too lazy to type out what those were. The links will take you to their wiki pages. :) Anyways, the surgery will be at the end of next week most likely. I am a little nervous, but I know that it will all be okay.
It's a pretty uneventful stay other than the surgery, which I am so grateful for. Here's a picture of me in my hospital bed.....Super foxy like of course.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Lovely life of the NOT! :/ I'm here right now too.... stupid unstoppable chest pains. :( Cant wait for the doctors to get there stuff together and figure out what the heck is wrong! hopefully your doing a little better then me. :)
-Just another CFers life,
Mariah Slack