Sunday, August 21, 2011

clots again???

Okay... Where to begin?!

2 Fridays ago I arrived at clinic to get my picc line dressing changed. When the nurse went to flush it, it wouldn't budge, and the line had blood in it. After attempting to loosen the clot for 15 minutes, we decided the picc was a goner and pulled it out. So, I don't have a picc line anymore.
The reason I am in this time, is because my arms, neck, and head started to swell. Similar to how they were when I had the clot in my SVC. All of the swollen areas were tender, and hurt a lot when any thing touched them. On Tuesday it was REALLY bad, and I was totally freaking out.  I wasn't really thinking with the fact that it could have been a clot from my picc line... So later that night I started coughing up blood. It wasn't that much, but we were getting ready to go to the ER anyways. When I just stopped coughing up blood. I managed to lay still the rest of the night. The next day I had a clinic appointment, where we all decided it would be best if I was admitted.

I had an ultrasound done on my neck/arms/chest, which showed I had a clot in one of the veins in my left upper arm. Then we did a CT with contrast, basically showed the same thing. Finally the Echo. There is NO clot in my SVC. Thank god!!!! Next question - What kind of access am I going to get for IV antibiotics?...
Well the ultrasound didn't show a promising vein for another picc line. So none of those. (yay) My only real option is another Port. (YAY) So, the surgeon who took out my last one, agreed to put in a new one as well. We are having all the discussions with all the different people and should have the surgery scheduled soon.

I am SOOO excited to get a new port. That picc line business is NOT for chumps. 6 months of showering with a bag over your upper arm, and laying on your other side, and not picking up anything over 5 lbs with your picc arm.

It's going to take a bit to schedule the surgery, so I'm going home today on oral antibiotics and Lovanox.

I get some summer days with my family and my puppies. Painting the night away after eating a dozen home made tacos, and a good swim! Hooray!

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