Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hospital Update

Another couple days in the hospital...
Fevers have come and gone.
My pleuritic pain has significantly diminished. When I came in pain meds would barely touch it, now I barely have to take pain meds. YES!
I did lose my voice which seems to be the only lasting grossness of my sickness. 
I'm already feeling better and, I'm getting tons of icky junk up and out of my lungs.
Other than my lack of sleep I'm feeling pretty good.

Hopefully out on Thursday!

I just finished making our Christmas cards that I'll be emailing to people, because I'm in the hospital and can't mail them out. They are so fun! This is the second year Morgan and I have done Christmas cards, but this year we have our dogs. :) I just got Mo a new puppy. His name is Panda! He's the sweetest. We are so in love with him. Of course Fancy will always be number one, she's my little princess.

Anyways, I'm having some Christmas stress because I'm stuck in here. I haven't been able to buy anyone a Christmas present and, if I don't get out before next weekend I'm hoping everyone will like their Christmas cards. Haha!

I'm going to attempt sleeping in this noisy place that isn't my home.

Sweet Dreams!

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Josh, Erica, Garrett, and Haylee said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. Sorry you're not getting much sleep. Have you tried ear plugs or listening to your ipod with some good ear phones? I'm sure you've tried everything. You're a joy to take care of. I hate seeing you in teh hospital but I'm glad when I get to care for you. Hope you get out soon!!