Friday, December 10, 2010

The last several weeks I have been extremely busy, or extremely sick. Unfortunately both of those circumstances caught up with me and I am once again in the hospital. I got in right before a cold started brewing...(Thank jeez!) Luckily, because I was just in a month ago I will only be here a short time. I'm thinking 7-10 days. :) Right in time for Christmas! I'm all settled into my room and, am currently being kept awake by one very unhappy wailing baby. Thought I'd try something new; here's my first "fill in the blank friday"

1. I am hoping my Christmas this year includes, lots of yummy warm drinks and, tasty treats. A fantastic amount of time snuggling with my husband and, quality with my family. I also wouldn't mind getting a pair of Solo Beats and, a memory foam mattress topper.;)

2. My biggest guilty pleasure is Teenage dramas and nerdy video games. My husband hates both....hehe! His guilty pleasures include goofy shows like Jim Hensons The Storyteller

3. I am most proud of my decision to get a lung transplant and everything I've done to get listed. This has been a great year for me, all my greatest accomplishments happened this year. The second thing I'm most proud of is marrying my husband. I am EXTREMELY lucky to have him in my life.

4. If I could choose one outfit to live in it would be My black sweatpants, the softest fitted tee over a cami, with my Muck Duck sweatshirt and, some toasty fleece socks with my slipper boots from Urban.

5. People are always surprising me in good and bad ways. In my life I have met a lot of wonderful people and I am thankful for every single one of them. They bring so much light to my life. I'm even thankful for the people who aren't so wonderful, they taught me the valuable lesson that not everyone can be trusted, and not very many people love with an open heart and open mind.

6. I would rather be sleeping next to my husband than by myself in my hospital room.
7. I love my mom and husband more than anyone/anything else in this world.

There you have it...I'm definitely ready for bed now and, the baby has stopped crying. 

Love, love and, even more love


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