Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 3/Update

Day 3: A picture of your first love.

This was a few days ago, so it's way more recent. :)

I've never cared about any guy as much as I care about Morgan. He is honestly the greatest guy I've ever known. We have a very honest, loving, and hilarious relationship. I feel so lucky to have him as my husband, at the same time I'm lucky because my husband is also my best friend.

4 years and counting!

update time

Decided it was best to get Picc line either tomorrow or Monday. I'm so nervous! I told them I need lots of Ativan. Haha! Don't under estimate the power of drugs for the Pre transplant train. I was simply traumatized by the PH test, and I don't think I could have gotten through it completely without the help of Ativan. ICKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention I was traumatized...?

Back on topic... Picc on Friday or Monday, lots of drugs, lots of lidocaine, and lots of soft plush pillows and blankies for after. I wouldn't mind getting a trophy as well, but I guess I'll just have to wait till I get my new lungs. I will add that flowers would suffice for now. ;) Surgery is on Tuesday the 22nd. I have a VERY good feeling about it. I'm starting to feel the effects of the clot more and more. My neck is so swollen from the buildup of IV fluid that doesn't have a big enough channel to pass through. My neck is killing me. I think later I will take a picture of my neck to show you how swollen it has gotten. They won't let me take painkillers, or even advil because of the surgery, so the only thing I can do is put heat on it. :(

Mom and Morgan are coming up for lunch today, and they are bringing groceries for me too. I could use some snacks that aren't chips or candy bars. I will update again later. I promised you pictures last night and they never arrived! Sorry. I fell asleep in my bed with all the lights on, and woke up at 3 only to realize I still wasn't hooked up to my feeds and hadn't taken my meds. 

I'm so excited to have something to post about. I love blogging, I really should get in the habit of doing it more often. 


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