Tuesday, February 1, 2011


As you know we got a new puppy at the end of November. Well, it's taken awhile but our puppies are finally acclimated. Fancy took a little long to get used to him because she's been the center of attention for 5 years. Recently they've started to play together, nap at the same time, and eat together. I'm proud to say that this week we've worked ourselves into a very lovely morning routine. My puppies make me so happy. So this post I'd like to dedicate to them. 
I took these pictures last week and thought they would be a fun addition to a puppy post. Here they are. 

The puppies are playing and having a fun time being friends. I'm so relieved they are getting to be friends!



Azer's Mom said...

Aww ... Cute!

madtagger said...

I love the pics of the pups! They capture their personalities so well!